Supplier Diversity Program

Since 2000, CVS Health’s Supplier Diversity Program helps us identify diverse suppliers of products and services that support the needs of our clients and health plan participants. This program exemplifies our company’s commitment both to sound business practices and to the communities we serve.

We recognize the following classifications of diverse suppliers:

  • Minority and Women Owned (M/WBEs)
  • Veteran and Disabled Veteran (V/DVBEs)
  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Owned (LGBTBE)
  • Disability Owned (DOBE)
  • Disadvantaged Business (DBE)
  • Small Business Enterprises (SBE)
  • Additional classifications are open for consideration

For more information about our Supplier Diversity program, visit CVS Health Supplier Diversity


Doing Business With Us

We are always seeking new partners and invite diverse owned certified businesses to learn more about CVS Health, and to register your company profile online to be considered for future opportunities.

Diverse suppliers provide outstanding service and effective solutions in helping us achieve our company mission to “improve the lives of those we serve by making innovative and high quality health and pharmacy services safe, affordable and easy to access.” We recognize that this program is essential to the continued growth, development and success of our company and look forward to working closely with diverse suppliers in all aspects of our business.

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The CVS Health Supplier Diversity Team can be reached at

Tier 2 Program

Welcome to the CVS Health Tier 2 Spend Reporting Tool.

CVS Health requests Tier II reporting from its current prime suppliers on a quarterly basis. Our Tier II program helps to monitor our large valued suppliers to ensure diverse suppliers are included in their supply chains and allows CVS Health to do business with suppliers who are embedding diversity in their own supply chains.

For any questions regarding your Tier II reporting, please reach out to


Begin Your Registration

By submitting your information, you will be entered into our supplier database. If we have an opportunity related to your submission, we will contact your organization for further information. A submission to the database does not guarantee a business opportunity.

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